Presidents Message

  • Welcome to the North America Freight Car Association (NAFCA).

    North America Freight Car Association (NAFCA) is committed to the safe, efficient and economical use of private railcars while protecting the rights of private railcar owners, lessors and lessees.  As railroad ownership of freight cars has declined steadily over the past few decades, our members - car owners, car builders, lessors, lessees and shippers - have built the freight car fleets necessary to ensure a key component of North America commerce remains viable.


    Approximately 70 percent of the North American freight car fleet is owned by leasing companies and shippers, and most of the private car fleet  cars is owned by NAFCA members.  Thus, the continued investment in freight cars by these non-railroad entities is critical to the well-being of the North American economy.  NAFCA's role is to protect and enhance its members' well-being.

    Private car owners, lessors or lessees interested in joining NAFCA should contact one of the officers or the Executive Director who will gladly to visit with you to discuss membership.


    Ben Sweat
    North America Freight Car Association