NAFCA Mission Statement

  • North America Freight Car Association

    Mission Statement


    North America Freight Car Association (“NAFCA”) is dedicated to promoting the safe, efficient, and economical ownership and use of private railcars. Its membership consists of private rail car owners, lessors, lessees, rail shippers, and entities that support the rail car industry. NAFCA's members provide the majority of private railcars used for freight rail transportation in North America. NAFCA and its members rely on their extensive and collective knowledge of the rail car industry to investigate relevant issues and to educate public policy makers, regulators and the media regarding operational, regulatory, economic, and legal matters that affect private railcars. NAFCA strives to ensure its members and all private car owners and operators are subject to reasonable, equitable and lawful practices and rules affecting the use, repair, and principles of compensation for private railcars.

    NAFCA’s goal is to provide value to its membership in the following ways:

    • Utilizing, for the benefit of its members, the membership’s extensive collective knowledge of the rules, regulations, and industry developments that effect private car ownership and operation.

    • Promoting effective utilization of private equipment and minimizing the industry's costs of service.

    • Establishing working relationships with the technical committees of the AAR.

    • Monitoring all issues related to private car rules and regulations.

    • Providing access to legal counsel on regulatory and policy issues related to private rail cars.

    • Providing representation to NAFCA and its members on legislative issues related to private rail car ownership and leasing.

    • Participating in litigation and regulatory proceedings as approved by the membership.

    • Taking on issues directly related to private railcars in any industry relevant forums.